We’ve always had the mantra that if you consider yourself ESG, then you are ESG. You don’t have to buy a fancy membership package to participate in our events or stand with us at home games, or attend our away viewing parties. You can become a member of ESG by simply declaring yourself one.

However, we do need to finance things like scarves, hats, drums, and tifo creations. In order to do this, we’ve started offering paid membership packages. The paid membership doesn’t make you any more of a member of ESG than a non-paid member. It’s a way for people to help out with all that goes into supporter culture, and get something in return. We wouldn’t expect you to give us money for nothing, after all.


2017 membership packages are available now!

By becoming a paid ESG member, you will receive and the following discounts!

10% discount on ESG merch

10% discount at the Tavern on Whyte

10% discount at Haus Falkenstein

Not only that, but you’ll also receive a free ESG toque with our logo embroidered!

If you’re local, the price is $21. ($20 for the membership, and $1 for the paypal fees)

If you’re in Canada, but not in Edmonton, the price is $26. ($20 for the membership, $5 for the shipping, and $1 for the paypal fees)

If you’re not in Canada, the price is $36. ($20 for the membership, $15 for shipping, and $1 for the paypal fees)


               $21                                              $26                                            $36