Who we are
Edmonton Supporters Group, the ESG. We bleed blue, white and black. Since 2010 we have collected our passion for the beautiful game in support of our team, in our city. Though we may be a few, we are a very proud and vocal part of the gameday experience and it is our mission to make Clarke Stadium a true home for FC Edmonton.


Membership & Charter
ESG currently does not have a set structure or charter. We function through embarking on projects and tasks whilst consulting with each other openly through forums, email, social media or the occasional gathering over a beer. We believe this allows us to be quite flexible with our actions in the meantime as we look to be more established in the future.

The Website
Away from the stands we are always trying to find ways to bring soccer into the conversation here in Edmonton. In addition, we strive to support soccer at a local, provincial and at the national level. This site and related media will primarily serve as the voice of our group, allowing you to keep pulse with soccer from an Edmonton fan’s perspective.

Feel free to contact us through twitter (hashtag #FCEd for greater effect) or facebook. Or send us an email directly below and we will try to get an to answer you as quickly as possible.

(image courtesy of Tony Lewis Photography)